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Intamediary is a trading style of the Adviser Platform. We specialise in compliance services to international advisers to enable them to meet the regulatory requirements of EEA financial regulators and to provide their clients with a professional service.

With over 30 years of experience in business support, we can deliver expert guidance and value for money services to the financial advice community.

Support will be either through network membership as an introducer appointed representative for independent businesses or as consultants with our international practice. We will seek to encourage best business practice and profitability through business development initiatives and added-value services, delivered in a transparent way.


Networked into an internationally authorised firm with many years of experience behind us make Intamediary the ideal organisation to do business.


Attractive commission structure with regular payment of commissions to consultants. At higher network negotiated rates.


Administrative support, back-office support, IT support, company software, lead generation, virtual assistance and compliance.


Networked into an internationally authorised firm with 30 years of experience behind us make us the ideal organisation to do business.


Attractive commission structure with regular payment of commissions to consultants. Professional indemnity provided by the network.


Administrative support, back-office support, IT support including essential company software. Lead generation, virtual assistance and compliance.

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We are committed to providing international financial advisers and UK IFA's with premier support in all areas of their business. We realise that every firm is unique and have therefore developed a flexible model, which can be tailored to your firm’s individual requirements.

Our highly personalised approach, experience in assisting clients and our clear understanding of the specific needs of international business and expatriate clients, drawn from our own international origins, make us the ideal organisation with which to progress.

New ideas, technology and a low cost environment attracts partners, and partners generate volume which in turn reduces the costs of business, providing a mutual benefit to the client and the service or product provider.

We offer a range of essential services and the option to purchase additional services only when you need them. We don’t believe you should have to pay for services you may not need just to access those that you do; nor do we tie you in to any long term contract, as the quality of our service should be enough to guarantee your ongoing loyalty.

About Us

Intamediary is the trading style of Adviser Platform Lda with authorisation in England, Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Holland, Belgium, Hungary, Czech Republic, Solvenia, Malta and Gibraltar. We are in the process of establishing partnerships throughout the EU. This highlights our determination to provide a highly personal service delivered wherever your clients settle.

Our authorised representives specialise in meeting the financial planning needs of people or companies who have created more capital, or who earn higher incomes, than average, and whose circumstances are therefore more complicated than the average.

The network enables the buying power of many small and new brokers to be aggregated and economies of scale achieved. We developed a centralised IT solution that provides a range of products and services on its platform to enhance the efficiency and profitability of itself and of the connected brokers.

Most clients want a trusted wealth manager to understand and explain the relevant issues, and propose appropriate action. The strength of our relationship and level of satisfaction among clients and partners may be judged by the fact that most new clients come to us as a result of word of mouth recommendations from existing clients, lawyers, accountants, investment houses and financial institutions.

As we move forward we will continue to work hard to introduce more technology as well as new and intelligent ways to provide greater opportunities for all your clients and partners.

Why Portugal ?

New ideas, technology and a low cost environment attracts partners, and partners generate volume which in turn reduces the costs of business, providing a mutual benefit to the client and the service or product provider. There are also tremendous tax benefits for companies established in Portugal and for individuals wishing to retire and take up residency.


Key benefits of our administration:

Build a valuable business with a defined exit strategy
Grow your business
Minimise risk
Obtain help when you need it
Save your time to bring in new business.

Services include:

Asset allocation tools and model portfolios. Business Terms and Compliance Support.
Buy-out and exit strategies.
Cross-selling Opportunities.
Events and seminars.
Information Resources

IT support for new ideas not just data recovery.
Marketing and communication support including lead generation.
Practice development planning.
Referral opportunities.
Regulatory support.
Skills enhancement with training and competency controls.
Specialist insurance products.
Specialist technical and jurisdictional support.
Concentrate on generating revenue!

For more information on our administrative and technological solutions, please contact us.

Abana Group

We bring together trusted expertise in legal advice, tax advice, insurance advice, trust management, wealth management advice, fiduciary services and pension transfers to provide transparent qualified and regulated advice to high net worth individuals, companies and charities.

law mediary medical money policy tax trust

Formally incorporated in 2011 with establishments in Portugal and the United Kingdom. Our authorised representatives network provide unbiased, whole of market advice and are located in 25 countries. Each adviser is referenced and verified to be qualified and competent. To apply to become an authorised representative please contact us.



Who is responsible for the network?
What is the minimum commission share?
£690pm is minimum commission share.
What are the other fees?
No Training fee.
No Visits fee.
No File Check fee.
No Professional indemnity cost.
No Joining fee.
No ICS Levy.
No Software fee.
No FCA annual fee.
Is there a discount for several representatives under one umbrella IFA company?
No. The minimum commission share is as low as possible for each representative. The share covers supervision, PII and administration cost.
What is the minimum annual commission per registered individual?
Nothing. The less you do the better: no file checks, no pressure on you.
Is there a capital adequacy requirement imposed on me by the network?
No. However, your firm needs to be financially sound to adhere to fit and proper rules.
How long does it take to become a member of the network?
Often just 3 weeks. The time delay beyond the first week is only in obtaining references.
Who gets the initial and renewal commission from business written before joining the network?
It goes to the IFA via a letter of acceptance signed by us.
Is there a panel of members I have to stick to?
No. You are an experienced adviser and should source and justify your own recommendations.
Does the advice I give require pre-approval and how does it take?
You are an experienced adviser and should source and justify your own recommendations.
Is there any backup for unusual products?
Yes. There is a highly experienced compliance and research team with the knowledge to help you through more unusual cases.
Does the network provide Technical Support and services?
We can provide specialist services if required.
Does the network provide all the commission tracking conciliation and credit control facilities?
Advisers may control the commissions tracking process themselves.
Does PI insurance cover have to be paid by the member?
The network covers the PI insurance requirement for any regulated advice provided to the client.
Is the PII excess charged to the member?
We have a risk based approach where you will be asked to pay an excess (£1,000) on any upheld claim.
Following an upheld complaint, an individual adviser’s excess will be increased to £5,000.
If after 3 years, there have been no further upheld complaints, the excess will be returned back to £1,000.
How are client complaints handled?
The financial ombudsman scheme.
What is the value of your PI policy?
The value is set by the EU at 1,875,927 euro annually
Can a member design and use their own stationery?
Yes, subject to a compliance check before use.
Does the network help with marketing and leads?
SEO experts can assist you with any online marketing.
Do you provide a web site with the members branding?
Yes, web hosting can be included.
Does the network have special terms with the providers?
Yes. Normal network special terms have been negotiated.
How often do I have to attend a network meeting?
Not compulsory. You control your own CPD and T&C regime.
Can the member do their own local advertising?
Yes but all advertising must first be approved and signed off.
Do all proposals have to go via the network?
You can deal direct with your existing provider systems.
Does the network require any specific software or hardware?
Excel and Word are almost essential however there are free downloadable alternatives such as ZOHO that can be used. Also the ability to print PDF's.
Does the network provide a locum for me at no cost?
Locum's are not required for network members but you can appoint one if you wish.
General insurance? How do you do the compliance and business submission in these cases?
In exactly the same way as with the other types of business.
How often do you pay commission?
If we are paid by a provider for some specific reason it is paid to you normally within the week.
What period of notice is required to terminate the agreement?
3 months after the first 6 months of the agreement start.
Who is responsible for run off PII costs?
The network is responsible for business written while you are or were a member of the network and we do not ask members to take out their own separate run off cover after they have left. However, as leavers are no longer paying networks minimum share used to cover the cost of PII cover, we do ask them to make a contribution towards protecting the business they have written. This is optional but if they choose not to take up this opportunity, any redress over and above the normal excess level with not be covered under the policy and will fall on the member to pay.


Marc Townsend, MCSI, Isle of Man

After 25 years in the business I know what I want from a network and it is simplicity and integrity, essential when I'm working around the globe.

Andy Williams ACIB , London

I was head of International Corporate Business at Barclays and have reviewed many networks and companies in my career, Intamediary's proposition is very favourable not only to the adviser but also to the client.

Brian Kilburn Financial Management Ltd

It is refreshing to know there are still companies out there who see nothing wrong with the way business has been conducted in the past by the IFA community

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You have the option to establish offices within the European Economic Area as an assisted introducer.

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We guarantee to better the commission share of your existing network on proof of earnings.


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